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Business plan template for artists, designers & makers

FREE business plan template

Just starting out? Been thinking about writing a business plan for your work but not sure where to start? Grab your FREE plan below, it's been designed especially for creative practitioners. No jargon. All action. 

Marketing plan template for artists, designers & makers

 FREE marketing plan template

There are two parts to being a professional artist, designer or maker. 1) Making the work and 2) getting it out into the world. Are you struggling with the latter? Try this FREE strategic arts marketing plan - simply click the button below.

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Business Basics for Artists, Designers & Makers


  • How to build a solid professional foundation;
  • Planning for success;
  • How to sell your work;
  • The art of self-promotion;
  • Finding the right insight;
  • Protecting your liability;
  • Managing cash flow & running your finances.
ZOOM-MAKER free BUSINESS BASICS e-course for artists, designers & makers
ZOOM-MAKER Professional development for artists, designers & makers.

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Z O O M - M A K E R is a professional development resource for early career creative talent. Z O O M - M A K E R 's work, and this website, is dedicated to helping early career artists, designers and makers invest in their creative practice and its professional legacy.

Here you will find resources and ideas on how to start-up and grow professionally as an artist, designer or maker.

Keep reading to discover how to build the arts or design career - and creative life - you've always hoped for.

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